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Taylor Schilling Brother Sam Schilling Is Offensive Coordinator At Greater New Bedford

Tish Miller posted the photo on Sam's 30th birthday in 2016.
Tish Miller posted the photo on Sam's 30th birthday in 2016.( Source : facebook )

Taylor Schilling brother Sam Schilling is an offensive coordinator. Schilling works for Greater New Bedford Voc Tech High School.

Schilling began his coaching career after graduating from high school. From working as a football coach in some urban schools where only a few kids would come forward to play, Schilling has come so far and earned a prestigious position now at GNB.

Sam and his older sister, Taylor, work in totally different fields. While he is into sports, his sister is a renowned Hollywood actress. The actress has wanted to enter the film industry ever since she was in middle school. In seventh grade, she had her first stage performance, in which she surprised her dad with her acting skills. 

Taylor's prominence rose after her role as Piper Chapman on the comedy-drama series Orange is the New Black, which aired for six years since 2013.Her outstanding performance as the main lead in the Netflix series earned her a number of nominations.

Taylor Schilling Sibling Sam Coaches Football

Taylor Schilling brother Sam Schilling is the football coach of Greater New Bedford Voc Tech. Schilling coaches quarterbacks and the defensive line.

Schilling is in his late thirties now. He began his career shortly after graduating from high school. Two things that helped him stay in the profession were his extensive game knowledge and his easygoing nature with the kids.

Before joining New Bedford High School, Sam coached numerous teams from various schools. One is JV, the private school, for two seasons, followed by the Whalers for four seasons. Additionally, he was coach Terry Corcoran's assistant at UMass Dartmouth.

Sam feeling over the moon while holding a lacrosse stick
Sam feeling over the moon while holding a lacrosse stick ( Source : southcoasttoday )

The athlete has played lacrosse since the sixth grade. He participated in two years of varsity lacrosse and football at Wayland High.

However, a back injury ended his playing career, so he instead started coaching. His first lacrosse coaching job was as an assistant under Cavanaugh at Gann Academy in Waltham for two seasons.

Going back to his qualifications, Schilling studied at Maryvale High School. He not only graduated from this institution, but he also served as the head football coach.

Sam was an assistant coach for nearly three years. Moreover, he graduated from UMass Amherst in 2010 with a major in history.

Taylor Schilling Mother And Father Are Her Support System

Taylor Schilling parents Patricia (Tish) Miller and Robert J. Schilling raised her in West Roxbury and Wayland. They lived there for a certain time.

Schilling was born in Boston, Massachusetts, but she didn't grow up there. Her parents got divorced when she was young. So, she used to live in both cities, once with her dad and another with her mom.

Father Robert J. Schilling

Taylor Schilling's father, Robert J. Schilling, resides in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Schilling was born in the 1950s. He holds an American nationality.

He previously worked as a prosecutor in New Bedford District and Juvenile Courts. He was in the department of criminal defense. Before that, Schilling worked under Paul Walsh as a Bristol County Prosecutor.

Regarding his educational qualifications and experience, Schilling went to Maryvale High School. Along with studying, he was a member of the high school's sports teams. While studying there, the former lawyer played in the state semifinals, representing the school.

Furthermore, Schilling holds a bachelor's degree from Fordham University, majoring in arts. In 1977, he enrolled at the New England School of Law to pursue his Juris Doctorate.

Taylor's dad has always supported her in her profession. Father Schilling predicted her success in Hollywood from the beginning of her career. Schilling presents himself as the proud father of the famous actress. 

Mother Tish Miller

Taylor Schilling mother, Patricia (Tish Miller) lives in Arlington, Massachusetts. She is the director of MIT, a private, land-grant research university.

Regarding her educational background, Miller completed her schooling at Central Elementary School Wilmette II and joined the University of Wisconsin—Madison, one of the most outstanding universities in America, in 1973. Within four years, she completed her bachelor's studies, majoring in fine arts and painting.

Tish Miller exploring the city with her friend
Tish Miller exploring the city with her friend ( Source : facebook )

Miller later co-founded the Randolph Street Gallery in 1979 and worked there for a few years before going on to further education. She attended Northeastern University in Boston. Here, Miller chose business administration for her master's level education.

Before joining the research university, Miller worked in numerous organizations primarily related to education. Some of them are Brandeis University, Boston College, and the UN, and she worked on different posts. 

Miller has been engaged at MIT for more than 18 years now. She looks after the advanced study program of the university. After nearly eight years, she joined MIT as program director in 2004 and became director in May 2012.