Saba Nikoufekr Plays Nazeem In Happy Valley Season Three

Saba Nikoufekr is a beautiful actress based in North West region
Saba Nikoufekr is a beautiful actress based in North West region( Source : co )

Saba Nikoufekr portrays the character of Nazeem in the third season of Happy Valley. Saba is is an Iranian heritage actress.

Happy Valley is a British crime drama series first released on the 29th of April 2014 on BBC One. The drama series was set and filmed in the Calder Valley of West Yorkshire based on the story written by Sally Wainwright under the direction of Wainwright, Euros, Lyn, and Tim Fywell. 

The Television drama starring Sarah Lancashire and Siobhan received massive success which led to the creation of the second season of the show on February 9, 2016. The first season also received the award of best Drama Series from BAFTA Awards in 2015.

The story of Happy Valley goes around a strong-willed West Yorkshire police sergeant Catherine Cawood who is still processing her daughter's suicide. Just as she appears to be regaining control of her life, she sees Tommy Lee Royce, the guy she suspects to be responsible for violently raping her daughter. 

Recently the third season of the show has been released on the occasion of the new year 2023. Saba Nikoufekr an actress based in the North West region is the news character added to the sequel of the series.

Saba Nikoufekr In Happy Valley As Nazeem

Saba Nikoufekr is featured as Nazeem in the crime drama series Happy Valley. Nazeem is the girl from the pharmacy. 

Nazeem works in the Brooksbank Pharmacy, where a chemist character Faisal Bhatti sells stolen prescription medications in the show.

Nazeem is a minor character joining as the new face in the show. She seems to be assisting another new commer Faisal, played by Amit Shah. 

Saba is a middle eastern actress dedicated to her acting career. She is a talented actress who has appeared in various movies and short movies, including the secret story of cake. 

Saba Nikoufekr is playing Nazeem in the British drama series Happy Valley
Saba Nikoufekr is playing Nazeem in the British drama series Happy Valley ( Source : twitter )

The actress has proficient in contemporary dance style. She started as a theatre artist in Max Black Theatre in the project Jack Steele and Family Neil Sissons.

Saba seems to be in her early twenties and acts in the age in between 19 to 27 years old in movies. The actress stands at the height of 5 feet and 1 inch.

Some Facts About Saba Nikoufekr

  1. Saba is an Iranian heritage actress from the North West region.
  2. Nikoufekr is active on Facebook and Linkedin under the same username. 
  3. Saba recently graduated with her degree in master's of Arts from The Academy of Live and Recorded Arts (ALRA).
  4. The actress is a BA graduate from Sheffield Hallam University with a Performance on Stage and Screen.
  5. According to her Linkedin account, Saba is experienced in various skills like Theatre, Dance, Cheerleading, Workshop Leadership, Public speaking, Hospitality, etc. 
  6. Saba is fluent in English and speaks the modern Persian language, Farsi.
  7. Saba appeared in the short film called DOWRY.
  8. The actress is recognized for her role in the 2016 short movie Hedge.