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Who Is Rikki Klieman Married To? Meet Her Husband William Bratton

Rikki Klieman and William Bratton attending New York City Police Foundation 2017
Rikki Klieman and William Bratton attending New York City Police Foundation 2017 ( Source : gettyimages )

Rikki Klieman has been married to her husband William Bratton since 1999. Rikki partner William is a former chief of the LA Police Department.

Rikki is an American criminal defence lawyer and TV personality known as a CBS News analyst. She is based in Chicago and was raised by a Ukrainian Jewish parent.

In her youth, she used to dance, act and sing and also attended Northwest university and majored in theatre arts.

In 1975 she joined the Boston University of Law and got an opportunity to work in the District court with judge Walter Jay skinner. She wanted to be an actor, but later she switched her major and decided to be a lawyer.

After graduating from law school, she served as an assistant district attorney in Middlesex County District Attorney's Office.

She was also featured in "Times Magazine" and was listed among the five best female attorneys in the United States.

Rikki Klieman Husband William Bratton

Rikki Klieman husband William Bratton is a law enforcement officer and businessman. Rikki got married to William in 1999.

William is based in Boston and graduated from Boston Technical High School. He has been working in law enforcement for 46 years and has served as a police officer for seven years.

He has worked as a police officer in major cities like Los Angeles as Chief of the LA police department. In New York, he has served as Police Commissioner and a police officer in Boston.

He is also famous for his policing style "Broken Window" which helps to lower crime and decrease the chance of serious crime.

Rikki Klieman and William Bratton celebrating their 20 wedding anniversary
Rikki Klieman and William Bratton celebrating their 20 wedding anniversary ( Source : twitter )

The lawyer also published his memoir "Turnaround: How America's Top Cop Reversed the Crime Epidemic" in 1998. He was also listed as Notable Book of the Year in The New York Times.

Bratton is the author of "The Profession: A Memoir of Community," "Race," and "the Arc of Policing in America." Bratton also founded an international reputation for re-engineering police departments and fighting crime in 1990.

In 2010 he served in corporate risk consulting as the chairman of Altegrity. Later the company filed for bankruptcy, and he stepped down as a Senior Adviser.

In Homeland Security Advisory Council he has sworn as a new member in 2010. He has also served on a Board of Directors at Mission Ready Solutions Inc. William has served as an Executive Chairman in the company Teneo for seven years.

Teneo is the Global CEO Advisory Firm with 1500 employees and has 40 offices worldwide, per his Linkedin. He advises the client about risk identification, prevention, and response.

Rikki Klieman And William Bratton Is Married For 23 Years

As per Page Six, Rikki and William met in Boston and known each other professionally. They again met each other in New York at the Regency Power Breakfast.

When they were leaving the building Eill said to Rikki that she was looking beautiful and that if she were single he would marry her.

After hearing the compliment Rikki invites William to lunch and the rest is history. They have been married for 23 years now.

Rikki Klieman and William Bratton at the set of CBS This Morning
Rikki Klieman and William Bratton at the set of CBS This Morning ( Source : twitter )

Both of them have been married several times William is her third husband and Rikki is William's fourth wife. Both of them were very passionate about their work and always put their profession above anything.

Currently, they are giving each other time and have made a schedule they called " Rikki and Billy time".

They also said that making time for each other is a secret of their marriage and was able to be together for more than 2 decades.

In an interview with Insider Exclusive, both talked about the strategy for a successful marriage.

They also shared that the principle for a successful relationship is respecting each other personality and uniqueness, communication is key, balancing between work and personal life, emotional trust and emotional support for each other development.

Rikki frequently shares their sweet moment on her Twitter. In 2020 she shared an old picture of them and wished her husband a 20th anniversary.

She captioned it with beautiful words and wrote how blessed she felt for having pure love and joy in a challenging time.

In 2021 she shared celebrating New Year with her spouse remembering the old days.