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Priah Ferguson Was Brought Up In Atlanta By Her Parents Alongside Siblings

Priah's younger sister Jayda looks exactly like her
Priah's younger sister Jayda looks exactly like her( Source : instagram )

Priah Ferguson sibling Jayda Ferguson lives in Atlanta. Priah parents John and Adjua raised her alongside her sister Jayda Ferguson in the city.

Ferguson has a special bond with her family. All of them supported her in beginning her acting career at the age of 7.

Priah is prominent for her role as Erica Sinclair on the Netflix series Stranger Things. She nailed her character as the annoying sister of Lucas in the series. She counts her little sister as her template for her performance as Erica.

Ferguson got interested in acting after watching the film "Daddy's Little Girls." She was curious about how people were moving on the screen and asked her mother about that. After knowing the whole process, she decided that's what she would do in her life.

She debuted in the industry with locally produced short independent movies. Atlanta, a television show became her first television drama.

Priah Ferguson Sister Jayda Is Younger Than Her

Priah Ferguson sibling Jayda Ferguson grew up in Atlanta. Jayda is two years younger than Priyah.

Jayda is possibly in middle school by now, as she graduated from preschool in 2013. Like her older sister, Jayda has also expressed an interest in acting.

The little one celebrated her birthday on August 16. Her mother ordered her a beautiful fondant cake from Candy's Sweets n Treats.

In 2013, her mother shared an Instagram post featuring the two sisters. She has mentioned that Jayda gave Priah her fave candy & a 'Congrats' balloon on last night's performance.

Ferguson has a strong bond with her sister. Even on her Instagram account, she shares pictures of her sister, stating how much she loves her.

Though she hasn't started her career yet, she seems to attend film-related events in her hometown. She loves 

Priah's little sister, Jayda posing on with her baby pink dress and matching hat.
Priah's little sister, Jayda posing on with her baby pink dress and matching hat. ( Source : instagram )

Ferguson's younger sister and their living and spending time together aided her portrayal of the little sister in her first Netflix series, "Stranger Things."

In the series, the actress played the role of Erica Sinclair, the sassy younger sister of Lucas (played by Caleb McLaughlin). It wouldn't be wrong to say that the series' main attraction was its little character.

After watching her realistic acting and perfect comic timing, many viewers praised Ferguson. Her dialogue from the series "You can't spell America without Erica" was even more popular. People even commented on the dialogue in her Instagram post.

Priah Ferguson Parents Are Designer

Priah Ferguson parents John and Adjua Ferguson reside southwest of Atlanta, Georgia. Both of them are designers.

John and Adjua have been married for nearly seventeen years now. The couple met for the first time at the Art Institute of Atlanta. Both of them are designers by profession.

Her mom was the first person she shared her interest in acting with. After getting a break at the age of 7, her mother shared the great news on her Instagram showing how happy she was. 

Father John Ferguson

John Ferguson is a design director at Work & Co. Even though Ferguson works in the entertainment industry, he prefers to stay behind the scene. 

Throughout his career, he has done many projects including a collaboration with artists like Janelle Monae.

He joined Work & Co in the summer of 2020. He has also founded the Black Bauhaus Mvmt. 

John practiced theater for the first two years of his high school career and then got expelled due to unfortunate reasons.

In an interview with Musebycl, he stated that he is collaborating with Priah and his wife and youngest daughter on a production/creative company called Bold Honey.

Priah when she was around six years old, hugging her dad with both her little hands
Priah when she was around six years old, hugging her dad with both her little hands ( Source : instagram )

Mother Adjua Ferguson

Priah's mother Adjua is a professional graphic designer and an entrepreneur. She started her professional journey in 1999, working for renowned brands like Newell Rubbermaid, Kodak, and Jerzees. 

After getting pregnant with her first daughter, she decided to leave the job and start her own business.

Adjua is the owner of P.J. Tuttles Party Decor & Cakes, the party-theme styling company that celebrates girls of color. The company offers a complete party package that includes invitations, banners, bottle labels, and customized cakes. The company locates in Atlanta, GA.

The businesswoman has successfully run the company for more than a decade now. In the beginning few years, the company struggled with the economic crisis; however, since 2012, the business has skyrocketed with extended customers from Atlanta to Amsterdam.

All her customers, whether everyday moms or career professionals, are satisfied with her services and do business with her repeatedly. You can even look for the company on Facebook and its website