Brianne Howey Husband Matt Ziering And Family

Brianne Howey and her husband Matt Ziering at Istanbul
Brianne Howey and her husband Matt Ziering at Istanbul ( Source : instagram )

Brianne Howey husband Matt Ziering is a lawyer. Brianne Howey and Matt Ziering have been married since July 2021. 

Brianne started acting in college and got an opportunity to play in the short film "Party Favors."  She began to get more offers and played in the movies like "90210", "Twisted Tales" and "ETXR." 

She also played in the comedy film 2014 "Horrible Bosses 2".  Brianne moved to London for three months in 2015 to film "I Live With Models" a Comedy Central UK. 

Later she appeared in the television series "The Exorcist" and played Kat Rance a sister of a possessed girl. In 2019 she was seen in series like "The Passage," "Dollface" and "Batwomen."

The movie that gave her fame is the Netflix series "Ginny and Georgia" which was released in 2021. The second season was released on 5 January 2023, and the series has attracted 52 million subscribers on Netflix.  

Matt Ziering And Brianne Howey Wedding Details

As per LA magazine, Matt and Brianne ran into each other for three nights at three different places around the town. 

Through a mutual friend they came to contact, matt was celebrating after his bar exam, and Brianne was hanging out with her friend.

They have known each other for five or six years and planning to get married in October 2020. Like many others, Brianne and Matt have to postpone their wedding due to the pandemic.

Brianne Howey husband Matt Ziering enjoying vacation
Brianne Howey husband Matt Ziering enjoying vacation ( Source : instagram )

As claimed by the People couple exchanged their vows on July 2021 in Palos Verdes California, in the garden of a family home.

She also shared that being surrounded by loved ones is the most beautiful feeling in the world. And also said that the night was very magical than she had imagined.

100 guests attended the wedding and wished every night would end with fried chicken and a spice girls' dance party.

Brianne looks stunning while walking down the aisle to the song "Lovely Day" by Bill Wither wearing A La Robe gown from Loho. 

Matt is currently 37 years and working as a Lawyer. He has been working as a Legal Advisor in a company Casey Co. since 2017.

Matt Ziering is the son of his mother, Diane, and father Michael Ziering. He shared his childhood with his brother Sam and sister Natalie Ziering.

Matt avoids the spotlight even though he gets lots of attention as a celebrity husband. He also has kept his Instagram private but his wife frequently posts their picture on her social media. 

Brianne Howey Was Raised By Single Mother

In an interview with Byrdie, she said that a single mother raised her and that was why she said yes to the role of Georgia.

Her mother had her when she was 21 and raised in Pasadena, California. She shared her childhood with five siblings and went to a girls' Catholic high school.

Brianne Howey with her younger sibling
Brianne Howey with her younger sibling ( Source : instagram )

In an interview with Maxim, she also said that she stayed at his dad's house every Tuesday night and watched Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's movies.

Brianne's dream was to be a flight attendant because she loves traveling. During her childhood, she traveled a lot and also moved around a lot seeing flight attendants she thought that was the coolest job ever.

She revealed she was a good girl and cared greatly about her grade. Before starting acting, she used to work at the local coffee shop.

Growing up her mother was very strict about her and her sister's future like every other parent. Her mother always made sure her children discovered what they wanted to be.

But nobody was expecting Brianne to pursue a career, but her mother supported her dream even though they did not have any connection she shared with Imagista

She was always interested in arts but became serious about it in college after getting an opportunity to play in the film "Sucker Punch" that was when she realized that she wanted to do acting forever.

With Complex she also shared that she and her now husband love to watch movies, go to farmer's markets and spend time with family in her spare time.

Both parents remarried, and she has three siblings who are very much younger than her. She takes her sibling to practice, helps them with their homework, and loves watching them grow up.