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Lidya Jewett Parents Adopted Her When She Was Just Four Year Old In A Palm City family

Lidya Jewett spending time with her friends
Lidya Jewett spending time with her friends( Source : instagram )

Lidya Jewett parents Dale Jewett and Kim Jewett live in Tennessee. Lidya was brought up alongside three siblings Isabelle, Connor, and MaclaᎥn Jewett.

Lidya was born in Ethiopia and was adopted by her parent who lives in Tennessee. She is currently 15 years old and has appeared in more than 15 films and television series.

Her feature film is "Nightbook" as Sam Raimi, and she has appeared in movies like Hidden Figures, Black Panther, and The Darkest Minds. She has also appeared in television series like Good Girls, Grey’s Anatomy, and Bunk’d.

By age 10, she was able to play in three feature films, appeared in a national ad campaign, and starred in an NBC drama as per TCPalm.

She already has a large fan following on her social media, with about 118k followers on her Instagram. She also makes Tiktok videos like get ready with me, and funny videos and has 365k followers and 15 million likes. 

Lidya Jewett Parents Dale Jewett and Kim Jewett

Lidya Jewett was adopted by her parent Dale Jewett and Kim Jewett. They adopted her when she was five years old and could not understand English.

Dale and Kim were already parents to their five biological children. They went to Ethiopia and contacted an agency, and adopted Lidya. 

Lidya Father Dale Jewett

Lidya Jewett celebrating fathers day
Lidya Jewett celebrating fathers day ( Source : twitter )

As per Linkedin, Dale Jewett Lidya's father works as an Automation Technician in All Access Staging and Production. He graduated from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville and majored in Bachelor of Arts. 

For 13 years, he worked as an electrician in Bandit Lites. After that, he moved to Florida and worked as a lighting designer and technician.

He also moved to Las Vegas and worked as a Freelance lighting technician. He moved back to Tennessee and worked as an automation technician for nine years. 

Lidya Mother Kim Jewett

As per Linkedin, Kim Jewett Lidya's mother works as a social media manager. Lindya's mother and father went to the same University of Tennessee, Knoxville university.

She majored in Bachelor in science and communication and media studies. She has also worked as an Account Executive at WVLT volunteer TV for four years.

And has worked as a Realtor at Prudential Florida WCI for five years. Currently, she has been working as a social media manager. 

Lidya Jewett Siblings

Lidya shared her childhood with her five siblings. She frequently appeared on their social media account.

Lidya was adopted when her parents were in their 40s, so she has a huge age gap with her siblings. Her siblings tend to avoid the spotlight but support Libya by sharing her work on social media. 

Lidya Jewett celebrating her brother Maclain birthday
Lidya Jewett celebrating her brother Maclain birthday ( Source : twitter )

Isabelle is Lidya's sister and is currently studying at Martin County High school. She is very private and has not posted much on her social media. 

Her brother is currently living in Palm City Florida. He studied in Belmont Abbey Athletics, and he plays lacrosse and football. 

Connor is Lidyas oldest brother and combat engineer in US Army. He previously worked as a Wildland Firefighter at Grayback Forestry Inc.

He is currently living in Williamston, South Carolina with his wife Katie. Connor and Lidya frequently appear on their social media. Connor recently became a father to her daughter Ellery.

Lidya Jewett with her brother Connor and sister-in-law
Lidya Jewett with her brother Connor and sister-in-law ( Source : facebook )

In an interview with TCPalm, she also shared that she loves people and loves to meet new people and does not get nervous while performing.

She loved math before movies and wanted to be a mathematician. Her mother used to make patterns of everything she could find instead of playing with the toys.

After moving to the USA, she learned English within a month and was homeschooled in first grade. When she was young, many people suggested to her parent she should be modeling.

She became a model when she was six years old and has appeared in several print and catalog shoots.