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Greg Finley Wife Dielka Finley Hails From Zapata

Greg Finley and his wife Dielka Finley in Portland Old Port
Greg Finley and his wife Dielka Finley in Portland Old Port( Source : instagram )

Greg Finley wife Dielka Finley is a Bilingual Speech Therapist. Dielka and Greg started dating in 2017.

Greg Finley, age 38, was born on 22 December 1984 to his parents, Rhonda Finley and Jim FInley. He grew up alongside his brother Zachary in Scarborough, Maine.

Greg grew up in Kennebunk and went to Cheverus High School in Portland. During his college, he dreamt of playing basketball and running a restaurant.

The actor attended Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island, and in his first year of college, he developed a large throat abscess and had emergency surgery. He had to bedrest for months, watched many movies, and finally decided to become an actor.

He moved to Los Angeles at nineteen and hustled as an actor while working in a clothing store. He started his career at fifteen with a minor role in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit in 1999.

Finley appeared in The Secret Life of the American Teenager as Jack Passas, in Cold Case as Grant Hall, and in Necessary Roughness as Joe Crabcheck.

Greg Finley Partner Dielka Finley

Greg Finley wife Dielka Finley is a graduate of Texas A&M University-Kingsville. Her maiden name is Dielka Anahi Camarena.

Dielka Finley, age 34, was born on 11 November 1988. Her parents are her mother, Maria Ines Ramirez Camarena, and her father, Jose Camarena. She grew up alongside two sisters, Celina and Kiveli Camarena.

According to her LinkedIn account, Dielka earned a Bachelor of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders and a General degree. She joined the university in 2007 and graduated in 2010.

Greg and Dielka started dating in 2017
Greg and Dielka started dating in 2017 ( Source : instagram )

She was involved in The National Student Speech Language Hearing Association in college. Her bio describes her as Bilingual Speech Therapist based in Portland, Maine.

Finley is originally from Zapata County, Texas. She is currently living with her husband Greg, in California and goes back and fourth to places for shootings.

She is available on Instagram as @dcam11.11. She has let only 222 followers know about her social life and has shared 96 posts. She follows 213 other accounts, and Greg is one of them.

Finley is extremly supportive of Greg's acting career; her unwavering support. Greg shares several pictures of them hanging around places and treats her as a highness.

Dielka is very private and likes to stay behind the curtain and hide from the spotlight. Her husband's fame could get her regonition but she likes to keep her life low key. However, Greg is always there to update us with Dielka's life through his Instagram.

Greg And Dielka Relationship Is Growing

Greg and Dielka have their anniversary on June 14. Finley wished his soulmate a happy anniversary in 2020, saying Morton’s was dark last night, but they had to celebrate with a picture.

The Couple Met In 2017

Greg and his wife Dielka hanging out in Los Angeles in summer 2017
Greg and his wife Dielka hanging out in Los Angeles in summer 2017 ( Source : instagram )

Greg Finley went Instagram official with Dielka Finley on October 29, 2017. The actor shared a picture with her in maverick attire and wrote that he found a goose.

The next day, he posted another picture from the same day and wrote, "Highway to the danger zone." The image was clicked by his father, Jim Finley.

The pair went to Disney world with his family. They also vacationed in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, and shared some pictures on a yacht.

Greg And Dielka Got Married In 2020

Greg and Dielka captured by Evans in 2019
Greg and Dielka captured by Evans in 2019 ( Source : instagram )

They got married in early June 2020, as mentioned by Dielka's mother in the comment section of a Facebook post.

Her mother shared a link from Greg's achievement; one user commented that he is related to her. She replied that he was her youngest daughter;' her fiance, and they were getting married in June.

They must have held a special ceremony with their close friends and family. As per her comment, by 2020 they were already engaged and became fiance and fiancee.

They Love Visiting Disneyland

In 2018, Greg and Dielka visited Walt Disney World in Orlando in a people mover. The couple wore black goggles and sought a place to have to churro.

By the end of the year, they were again spotted strolling around EPCOT Theme Park in Walt Disney World Resort at night. He penned, "Glad most of my selfies aren’t selfies anymore."

They often take time to visit Disneyland out of Greg's busy schedules. They love roaming around Disney land, and Greg makes sure to click a seflie.

Greg Professes His Love On Instagram

The actor uploaded a picture of his partner Diekla standing in front of a LOVE sculpture. His comments section rained with good wishes, and one Instagram user commented, "She’s a beauty, Greg! I’m happy for you!."

Greg took his lover to visit Faneuil Hall Marketplace, where his father took his growing up with his brother. His childhood memories got spiced up with new memories with her.

Greg and Dielka taking a selfie in St. Augustine, Florida in 2020
Greg and Dielka taking a selfie in St. Augustine, Florida in 2020 ( Source : instagram )

Finley often shares selfies with her; he posted a selfie in St. Augustine, Florida, and captioned, "Not a bad selfie for being all Tito’s out. Extra grateful for this absolute Dime piece today."

One Instagram user commented, "She and you are gorgeous. You both make such a beautiful couple. It’s lovely to see you happy."

Greg Is A Dog Dad

The actor has a furry babe in his home; they adopted her on national daughter's day in 2020. He expressed his love towards her even though he had to wake up all night to pee.

The little one plays Soccer with Greg as he shared a video of them playing it. He wrote, "Reliving my travel soccer days against the fierce competition of my 12-week-old pup."

Greg also watches movies with her; he shared how she got into the documentary about the rescue of Captain Phillips.

The Secret Life of the American Teenager actor shared a picture of him with Dielka and a kid. His fans speculated if they had any good news as she put her hands on her stomach, but there was no clarification yet.