It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Actress Artemis Pebdani Weight Loss Is Something To Get Noticed On The Show

Artemis Pebdani  at the FOX Summer TCA Press Tour
Artemis Pebdani at the FOX Summer TCA Press Tour( Source : gettyimages )

Artemis Pebdani weight loss can be noticed on the FX sitcom It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Artemis has been doing exercise and maintaining a vegan diet.

After losing weight for the film Always Sunny in Philadelphia, the actress looks great. Artemis is an American actress known for her movies like Scandal and Big City Green.

She was born and raised in Texas; her parents are Iran immigrants. Artemis's parents left Iran in the mid-70s and five years before the Islamic Revolution.

She started her television series in 2000 and appeared in  The Shield, Ugly Betty, and House.

Pebdani has also been a guest star in the movies like  How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family, Raising Hope, Garfunkel and Oates, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

She has also appeared in comedy series like  "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" and "Son of Zorn". She has also played the video games like  Fallout 76 and The Artful Escape.

Artemis Pebdani Weight Loss Journey

Artemis Pebdani weight loss started with her roles in t's Always Sunny in Philadelphia rose to prominence.

The actress's role in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia as a perfect official sixth member of The Gang, but the viewers have caught on to Artemis's body weight.

She supports Coffee Science Nola and its hurricane vegan foods, local bacon, and eggs. One of the secrets behind weight loss seems to be vegan and organic foods.

Artemis Pebdani Playwrights Horizons with her team
Artemis Pebdani Playwrights Horizons with her team ( Source : instagram )

Pebdani has yet to reveal why she lost her weight or talked about her weight loss in an interview. In a Reddit post, she lost weight for the series; It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

The comment was people saying they barely recognized her after weight loss. Others also commented that she looked fantastic and looked much better.

Some also said that she lost weight for season 14 and ultimately stopped her weight loss journey. Nobody knows why she lost weight for the movie or if she wants a healthy change in her diet.

The creator of "always sunny" used her original name for the character, but she does not want to be known for the television persona she shared with Heeb Magazine. 

The actress is very fond of trying new food; in 2018, she shared a post on Instagram saying she had  Baked Alaska for the first time in her life tonight.

Artemis Before And After Weight Loss

Artemis before and after her weight loss journey
Artemis before and after her weight loss journey ( Source : instagram )

Comparing her picture, she has lost a significant amount of her weight from her significant role in the show.

The actress has looked incredibly toned along the way since shedding her weight; some credit goes to her vegan diet.

Gaining and losing weight for the role is familiar in Hollywood actors do this to fit in the characters. Many actors face rejection due to their body weight and lose great opportunities.

She grabbed her role by performing a 2-minute long dramatic speech instead of auditioning in a bikini. Her role then was adapted according to her shape and how she looked.

Artemis's fellow actor Rob Mcelhenney also lost significant weight for the show; he lost 70 pounds by giving up the 5,000-calorie-a-day diet.

Pebdani has played the role of Flo Packer in the second season of the Showtime period drama "Masters of Sex." Her role is of a diet pill company owner who might also have some influence on her physical change.

Artemis Is Being Voice For Iranian Women

Artemis has been very vocal about the situation going on in Iran. In an interview with the Daily, she shared that being an Iranian kid in the 80s was challenging.

She did not stay quiet and hide being Iranian. She also said she has a different experience facing racial issues than other colored people.

The actress said that most of the comments she gets are about not being brown enough and not getting a role that requires people of color.

She also shared with Heeb magazine that she never considered going to Iran because Iran disapproves of her occupation.

Artemis also shared that the government of Iran started to imprison the actress; after that, her mother also considered not visiting Iran.

In 2021 when the hurricane hit, she also promoted the local business and promoted it on her Instagram

Her recent Instagram post is about warning people about the situation in Iran. She shares that Metal Pellets and Rubber Bullets blinded 100 young protesters during the Iran protest.