Antonia Gentry Exactly Knows How To Rock With Her Curly Hair

Antonia flaunting her curly hair and cool sunglasses
Antonia flaunting her curly hair and cool sunglasses( Source : instagram )

Antonia Gentry hair routine is followed by products from Creme and Ouidad. Antonia flaunts her curly hair in different styles in Netflix show Ginny And Georgia.

The "Ginny Miller" girl from the Netflix series Ginny & Georgia is quite famous for her role in the series. More than that, people are attracted to her wavy hair. The actress has frizzy hair and has wanted to be an actress since she was a child.

Gentry hails from Atlanta, Georgia. Her acting career started with a play that her mother wrote for the theater. To polish her acting skills, she even joined an art school and a university for drama.

From childhood till date, if there were something that stayed constant, it would be her hair and her dream of being a heroine, which came true. Taking care of curly hair is not an easy science. Let's find out how Gentry deals with it regularly. 

Antonia Gentry Hair Routine

Antonia Gentry hair routine includes products from brands Creme and Ouidad products. Antonia regularly uses Creme of Nature shampoo and conditioner then Ouidad leave-in.

Gentry follows the same pattern for taking care of her hair. First and foremost is a hair mask, for which she loves products from Ouidad, Olaplex, and Canty. Then after, comes shampooing.

She prefers shampoo from Innersense, Loreal, and Creme of Nature. Gentry then applies a conditioner from one of the brands mentioned and waits 15 to 30 minutes for it to set. A leave-in hair cream from Ouidad that helps save hair moisture has recently become a must in her hair-care routine.

The actress revealed her hair care routine in an interview with Nylon. She added that she lets her hair be what it wants and says she wakes up and looks in the mirror, hoping for the best.

Ouidad hair products for curly hair
Ouidad hair products for curly hair ( Source : instagram )

Over time, she has been improving at diffusing. For styling her hair, Gentry uses Frizz-Ease Gel Styler, mousse, and argan oil from Creme of Nature.

In a TikTok video Antonia, the actress, has revealed some more products from her secret hair routine under #hairroutine. Her additional products are Cantu Natural Deep Nourish Hair & Scalp Masque and Olaplex Hair Perfector.

Where To Buy Them?

All the above hair products that Gentry uses have good reviews from other users. If you also want to purchase them, you can easily find them on websites like Amazon, Walmart, and cosmetic stores.

Creme of Nature Argan Oil Shampoo

The shampoo is available on Amazon at the cost of 5.11 GPB, and the price differs by size. It is a sulfate-free formula that nourishes hair and helps to hydrate the scalp.

Ouidad leave-in

The product is available on the official site of Ouidad. The leave-in conditioner costs $26 for 8.50Z, which differs in size.

The conditioner is also available on Amazon in different sizes. It is flagged as a climate-pledge-friendly product to use. 

The products specialize in boosting hydration to encourage curl formation and make the hair easily detangalable.

Cantu Natural Deep Nourishing Hair & Scalp Masque

The product is available on Amazon at 12.70 GBP  in size of 42 grams. The product come in a yellow packet and some red levels.

It is made with rhassoul clay, which contains silica, a component of sand. It helps exfoliate, gives hair a glossy sheen, and adds volume to flat hair.

Nº.3 Olaplex Hair Perfector

The hair product is available on its official site at starting price of $30. The price can differ with its size.

It helps to repair and prevent hair from damage and makes it stronger. It is a formula that rebuilds broken disulfide bonds to restore strength for visibly healthier hair.

Antonia Slayed Her Looks In Ginny And Georgia

Antonia Gentry looks in Ginny and Georgia was stunning specially her hair. She has been in the series since 2021.

In the series, she is referred to as "Ginny Miller." Basically, the series is all about a mother and daughter who were trying to move on from their past. Gentry decided to work on the project as she loved the writing and felt it was relatable to her mother and herself.

If you have watched the series, then you have definitely noticed how stunning Gentry's hair makes her look. Two seasons of the series have been released to date. Over the seasons, the lead actress has tried different styles with her hair.

Antonia as the lead role in
Antonia as the lead role in "Ginny and Georgia" ( Source : instagram )

Her wavy hair mostly stayed the same throughout the episodes. It won't be wrong to say her frizzy hair has completely complemented her overall look. For a change, she has tried blue-highlighted hair.

For those who wish to see her with a different hairstyle, you would be surprised to see her hair straightened on some episodes. Even straight and silky hair suited her well. While talking about straight hair, that is something she was confused about while she was growing up.

Even her boy friends suggested she try shiny, straight hair more frequently, as they thought it looked better on her. The girl was torn between listening to others and doing what she truly desired. Whatever the situation was in the past, her frizzy hair is surely one crucial factor in why people admire her today.

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